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What to expect? How do I get started?


Ideally, a face-to-face consultation is the best way to firm up an estimate and a treatment plan for the discrete, non-invasive SMP treatment for hair loss, hair thinning, or alopecia. We can, however, speak on the phone, share pictures via text and arrive at a close estimate of costs for your particular procedure. Generally, it takes two to three sessions to acheive flawless results.

First Procedure

This first day is always the most exciting because this is tthe day we decide upon your custom hairline and color. It is important to note that reclaiming a hairline takes 10 to 20 years off a man's appearance. together we will design and agree on the ideal hairline for you; whether it is natural, conservative, or an edged up look.

Scalp Aesthetics inks are the most trusted on the world market today byu providing a stable yet natural looking pigment. The ink color selection is determined by matching the ink pigment to the existing hair follicle with one days' grow out.

In addition, if you have a donar scar from a previous hair transplant, we can talk about very effective ways to camouflage it using this new scalp micropigmentation technique. In the first session, we will apply your base layer of pigment. tiny microdots are placed in the epidermis creating the natural illusion of hair follicles. This assimilates a freshly buzzed cut. The Scalp Aesthetics process is described as virtually painless and rarely requires anesthetizing.

What can I expect?

Lighter skinned people can notice a pinkness in the scalp from the procedure. It usually goes away within a day or two. Aftercare is minimal. Most men go back to work the next day.

During this week, the pinkness fades and as the tiny scabs fall off, many people may think that their color is too light. This is to be expected. As the color heals in the skin, a light, soft layer is left behind, creating the foundation coat.

Second Procedure

What can I expect?

This usually follows one week to 10 days later. On the second session, we review the frontal hair line, and we can make any adjustments necessary, and reassess the color.

In this session two to three times as much color will be applied. Today is the day where you will truly feel the illusion of having hair again. Thinning hair and har loss is no longer a worry!

The same aftercare plan applies. Most people go back to work the next day.

Third Session

What can I expect?

If everything goes well at this point, the client will feel as if they have their hair back and their confidence is restored. We can perfect the procedure with slight finishing touches which usually only takes an hour or two.

In the Future

What can I expect?

All pigments fade a bit over time. Scalp Micropigmentation is a relatively new induustry. We are currently telling our clients that they may need a refresher within 7 to 10 years. We will then lay down a color refresher. There are individual factors that can affect the overall lifetime of your color which will be discussed during your first consult. We will educate you about how to get the most life expectancy out of your color.

Our clients consistently report the appearance of a natural looking, thicker head of hair.

Balding Scalp Micropigmentation

Balding Scalp Micropigmentation

Balding Scalp Micropigmentation Balding Scalp Micropigmentation Balding Scalp Micropigmentation Balding Scalp Micropigmentation
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