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What are the advantages of permanent eyeliner?

Permanent Eyeliner Never Smudges

If you have ever glanced into a mirror halfway through your work day and noticed that your eyeliner has smudged into the “laugh lines” around your eyes, then you are a good candidate for permanent eyeliner. Whether you are working out, swimming, or just sweating from the summer heat, the biggest advantage of permanent (tattooed) eyeliner is that you look great all the time, even when you wake up in the morning. No smudging, no crooked lines applied at a stop light---just beauty all the time.

Permanent Eyeliner Gives You the Perfect Shape for Your Eyes

Applied by a true permanent makeup artist, permanent eyeliner can enhance and balance the natural shape of your eyes. In expert hands, permanent eyeliner will accent your natural--and best--facial features. The thickness of the line is dictated by the shape of the eye and a client’s personal preference. Not all eyes can handle a thick line. If you prefer a more glamorous look, a properly shaped wedge with a bolder line creates a stunning effect.

Does permanent eyeliner application hurt?

Because the eyelids are thinner areas of the skin, they numb easily. You will feel the odd sensation of the machine moving around your eye, but it is not painful.

Is permanent eyeliner always black?

Like permanently tattooed eyebrows, permanent eyeliner can be black, brown, or a mix of multiple shades for a very natural look. Colors are custom mixed for each client’s preference and skin tone

Can bad permanent eyeliner be removed?

When a poorly done permanent eyeliner tattoo (one dropped below the last line) exists, it can NOT be removed by laser tattoo removal procedures. Fortunately, a breakthrough non-laser tattoo removal technique that is safe and effective, makes correcting a bad permanent eyeliner tattoo now possible!

What is permanent eyeliner lash enhancement?

Lash enhancement is great for people who are either not used to wearing make-up or want a totally natural look. Because lashes grow in a field rather than a straight line, small dots of pigment can be implanted between the eyelashes to make lashes look instantly thicker and fuller.

Just as in permanent brow applications, permanent lash enhancement tattooing can be done using browns, blacks, multiple colors, or muted tones. The goal is lash enhancement without a noticeable line.

Permanent Eyeliner / Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eyeliner / Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Eyeliner / Permanent Eye Liner

This lower lash enhancement done in a lighter color gives fullness to the lashes without the look of eyeliner.
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