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Permanent Makeup for Lips

What are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup for Lips?

Imagine not having to reapply your lipstick every 15 minutes. With age, our naturally defined lip lines and our lip color tend to fade. The cure? Permanent Makeup For LIps!

Permanent makeup for lips enhances lips with natural shades, and gives lip lines more definition. It can also be used to re-tint and reshape lips so that they appear fuller or more colorful.

How do I Know What Color to Choose for My Lips?

Remember that lipstick still covers whatever is tattooed on your lips, but as it wears off, you will still hold a natural color. Most clients want to simply re-establish a lip line without having to re-apply lip liner all day.

Lip shading is a technique that does this naturally without a distinct line around the lips. Some clients choose very natural lip colors or “lip highlighting” or “sparkling” techniques that make the lips look fuller.

Permanent Makeup For Lips
Permanent Makeup For Lips
Permanent Makeup For Lips
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