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Camouflaging Hair Transplant Donor Scars: Get your confidence back with a breakthrough procedure!

What are Donor or Harvest Scars?

When a man undergoes a hair transplant, the site where existing follicles are removed and moved to the balding/thinning areas is called the "donar site" or "harvest site." Unfortunately, because hair transplantation is an invasive surgical procedure, it does leave a noticeable scar.

How large are Donor or Harvest Scars

The scars from a hair transplant procedure can range in width and length. Some scars are significant and can stretch from the back of one ear to the back of the other. Other follicle harvesting techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which uses a punching technique to remove the follicles, can leave scars as bad or worse than donor scars. Fortunately, the breakthrough Scalp Micropigmentation Process can now help effectively camouflage donor scars!

How do you hide a hair transplant scar?

Many men are unprepared for the resulting scar from a hair transplantation surgery. The very procedure they chose to boost their confidence often leaves them dealing with a very visible scar. They may have been shown pictures of successful hair transplants that do not show the scar.

Previously, the only strategies for hiding donor scars included growing a man's hair longer over the scar or trying to mask it with poor tatoo inks. Tatto inks bleed, are not meant to simulate natural hair follicle colors, and the size of the needles result in large unnatural looking follicles.

Pam Neighbors, is a Master SMP Technician with 25 years of experience working with plastic sugeons. She has perfected a combination of "skin needling" (if the scar must be softened), and Scalp Micropigmentation techniques which blend the scar area into the natural follicles of the scalp. The result is a significant diminishment of the appearance of the donor scar.

Why Scalp Micropigmentation is so effective

SMP is the world's leading, most trusted process for camouflaging hair transplant harvest scars because:
  1. The Scalp Aesthetics cusstom machines are specially design microneedles are extremely fine, resulting in an indefinable natural look.
  2. The Scalp Aesthetics pigments have been so well developed that matching a man's individual hair color follicle can be done masterfully. These pigments do not bleed or "fan" either.
  3. Technicians are not only trained and certified through a demanding series of courses, but they can achieve Certified Master Technician status. Pam Neighbors, located in the Greater Seattle area, uses her years of artistry in permanent make-up, tattoo camouflagingh, her work withj plastic surgeons and SMP's most advanced micropigmentation techniques worldwide. Most importantly, she listens to her clients, customizing each look to restore their confidence in business, relationships, and in life.

Hair Transplant Donor Scar Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair Transplant Donor Scar Scalp Micropigmentation

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